Keynote Speakers


Prof. Sam Shuzhi Ge
National University of Singapore, Singapore (IEEE FELLOW)

Biodata: Prof. Shuzhi Sam Ge, IEEE Fellow, P.Eng, is the Director of Social Robotics Lab, Interactive Digital Media Institute, and Supervisor of Edutainment Robotics Lab, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The National University of Singapore. He received his PhD degree and DIC from the Imperial College, London, and BSc degree from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics. He has (co)-authored three books, and over 300 international journal and conference papers. He serves as Vice President of Technical Activities, 2009-2010, and Member of Board of Governors, 2007-2009, and Chair of Technical Committee on Intelligent Control, 2005-2008, of IEEE Control Systems Society. He served as General Chair and Program Chair for a number of IEEE international conferences. He is the Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Social Robotics, and Springer. He has served/been serving as an Associate Editor for a number of flagship journals including IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, and Automatica, and Book Editor for Taylor & Francis Automation and Control Engineering Series. He was the recipient of Changjiang Guest Professor, MOE, China, 2008; and Fellow of IEEE, USA, 2006.

Prof. Chun-Yi Su
Concordia University, Canada

“Modeling and Control of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators in Soft Robots”
Over the last decade, soft robots have received tremendous interests for their potential applications. Soft robots mostly refer to robotic systems with soft or compliant structures and muscle-like actuation using soft or highly deformable materials. Unlike conventional robots, they can show high deformation under actuation and change their shapes continuously along their body length, similar to octopus arms, earthworms, and elephant trunks. The key challenge for creating soft robots that achieve their full potential is the development of controllable soft bodies using materials that integrate sensors, actuators, and computation, that together enable the body to deliver the desired behavior. Among soft actuation materials, dielectric elastomers (DEs) represent an emerging/innovative class of soft actuation materials which exhibit relatively large deformations when solicited by an electric field.

On the other hand, DEs are viscoelastic materials meaning that their stiffness changes with strain rate and frequency. Viscoelasticity complicates the modeling and control of the material response which is often characterized by creep, hysteresis, and stress relaxation phenomena. Owing to these intrinsic nonlinear and time variant characteristics, the precise control of DEs to determine the amount of voltage needed to obtain the deformation for soft robots becomes a non-trivial problem. In this talk, two relevant research topics are introduced in detail: modeling and control. First, the crucial techniques are presented for the model development. Next, nonlinear control based the developed model will be discussed. Finally, the future trends of the related research fields are given.

Biodata: Prof. Chun-Yi Su received his Ph.D. degrees in control engineering from South China University of Technology in 1990. After a seven-year stint at the University of Victoria, he joined Concordia University in 1998, where he is currently a Professor of Mechanical, Industrial & Aerospace Engineering and holds the Concordia University Research Chair in Control. He has also held several short-time visiting positions including a Chang Jiang Chair Professorship by China’s Ministry of Education and JSPS Invitation Fellowship from Japan.

Dr. Su’s research covers control theory and its applications to various mechanical systems, with a recent focus on control of systems involvinghysteresis nonlinearities. He has made fundamental contribution to modeling and control of nonlinear systems involving hysteresis nonlinearities. He developed some fundamental properties for the early development of constrained robotic control. He is the author or co-author of over 400 publications, which have appeared in journals, as book chapters and in conference proceedings.

Dr. Su has served as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. He has been on the Editorial Board of several journals, including IFAC’s Mechatronics. He is a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE RA Society and he has served for many conferences as an organizing committee member.

Invite Speaker

Dr. Yi Zhou
Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

Biodata: Dr ZHOU Yi is an Assistant Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). He was a lecturer at Singapore University of Technology and Design and Singapore Polytechnic before joining SIT. Dr ZHOU has been a council member of Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) since 2012 and currently serves as chairman of Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineers Technical Committee and deputy chairman of Railway and Transportation Technical Committee. Dr Zhou was a co-chairman for Singapore LTA Engineering Challenge in 2016. Dr ZHOU has also been secretary of RoboCup (Singapore) Association and National Committee since 2009. He chaired RoboCup 2010 Rescue Simulation League.

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